ZP Dashboard Pro 2.0.0 Released

>> New Features
-. Analog View Mode
-. Analog Simple View Mode

>> Customizable items
-. Attitude
-. Bearing
-. Speed
-. Azimuth
-. G-Force
-. Time

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  1. This app is great. I would definately buy the pro version and reccomend to many of my friends if you would incorporate video and stat recording supporting 720p on the moto Droid x. Friends and i race at local tracks and this app is very handy for measuring the grip of our tires. A 0-60 and 1/4 mile timer would be excellent along with a lap timer. I understand its alot but the record functionwould definately sell it to me and my friends. Thanks : )

  2. I purchased the pro version a while ago, but I just reset my phone and now it's saying I don't own it, what's the deal? Did you re-release this into the market or something?

  3. Hey! I have a little problem with this great app on HTC Wildfire. App switching down after aprox 30 seconds. What can I do?

  4. This app can not work wth my SE xperia neo

  5. When will this app support the SE xperia serier?
    Can u do that?

  6. La Marquette's failure to connect the camera
    My phone is vega r3 Dean